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About Steadfast Farms

Steadfast Farms, LLC is located in Bethlehem, Connecticut. We primarily focus on the raising of Game birds including; Northern Bobwhite Quail, Chukar Partridge, Chinese Ringneck Pheasant, and Pigeons.  However, if it has feathers, we can grow it! 


At Steadfast Farms, we raise Birds You Can Brag On!  We want you to brag on them, because we surely do!  As avid upland hunters, sportsman, dog trainers, and dog owners, we know exactly how a game bird to fly!  We have developed our practices to raise strong flying, hearty, and evasive game birds capable of survival in the wild.  You may be able to get game birds all over the country, but only at Steadfast Farms, LLC can you get Birds You Can Brag On!


We also carry rabbits, variety of egg laying chickens, meat chickens, and dairy goats (Nigerian Dwarfs and Lamancha).


The need for farms has not changed throughout history.  However, the practices in which how farms are operated has become more educated and scrutinized under the public eye.  Buzz words such as “free range, hormone free, organic, natural practices, green practices, and confinement free,”  have all been advertise to mask the nature of the operations of a farm. 


Steadfast Farms, LLC believes the connection to nature, understanding the balance of life is an important skill for the necessity of a healthy life, and the skill is being lost.  Proper care and farm practices of livestock are important to us and sharing these practices while producing a quality product is what drives us.  *We DO NOT use pesticides or artificial hormones.*


Steadfast Farms is not just a farm.  We give back to our communities by supporting our returning Veterans. and First Responders!

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Please click on each link above for more information on how your business and loyalty with Steadfast Farms helps to support our veterans!


We thank you for your support!

Meet the Owners and Operators:


Alex Granitto is a Navy Veteran and served in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After leaving the Navy he graduated from The Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture at the University of Connecticut for Animal Sciences and also received a dual degree in Food Service Hospitality and Hotel Management. 


Jared McCool is a Marine Corps Veteran and served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration.  Jared enjoys training his dog Remington.  She is a female GSP, steady through wing and shot, and can handle multiple retrieves. 

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