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Coturnix Quail

These wonderful little birds are short distance fliers, delicious eating, excellent for polishing your experienced hunting dog, and just fun to raise. They mature in 16 weeks and dress between 4-5 oz. They will have started laying eggs by 6 weeks and are prolific layers. Coturnix can be put with other types of quail after arrival.



Please call and check with us, as we do keep a stock year round as well, on a first come first serve basis.





  • It is your responsibility to obtain any permits if required in your state for possessing birds.

  • A 25% down payment is due on all orders at the time of ordering, with balance due on delivery/pickup.

  • Orders will not be started until Down Payment is received. 

  • Customized delivery is available.  Additional fees may apply.

  • Prices do not include sales tax, where applicable.  Sales tax will be added to total.

Straight Run - 50/50

  • All prices subject to change, call to confirm pricing.

  • Prices increase $.25 cents each month after September

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