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Bobwhite Quail For Sale: A Versatile Game Bird

Northern Bobwhite quail are widely used in the Upland community.  Bobwhite quail raised at our game bird farm are strong and explosive flying birds. They are perfect for all dogs ages and breeds regardless if you work pointers or flushers. Steadfast Farms Bobwhite Quail tend to flush with very little pressure, and you can be sure they will fly far, preventing your dog from chasing, or giving you time to correct your dog before she or he has the opportunity to grab the bird.  Bobwhite Quail are an equally good choice for started or mature dogs to further training on steadiness or flushing.


In addition, for an additional small investment, Bobwhite Quail can be recalled to a "Johnny house" after release for future training use.  The Johnny House helps to provide some security for the birds at night in areas with high predators which have caused such a decline in the natural wild population. It also incentivizes the quails to stay on your property and not flee.


Besides use in the Upland hunting Communities, Steadfast Farms Bobwhite Quail are versatile birds with many other great benefits.  These seasonal but prolific layers will provide eggs for consumption during the breeding season of March thru September. Nutritional quail eggs offer a much healthier alternative to chicken eggs. Since Steadfast Farms sells both male and female birds, you can produce your own fertilized eggs and incubate them, or if you don't want to wait, Steadfast Farms also offers fertilized quail eggs for sale. [You can learn more about Steadfast Farms Quail eggs for sale by clicking here.]


Besides the eggs of the Bobwhite Quail, their meat is also a source of vitamin-rich and lean high protein that is a healthier alternative to mainstream poultry.  Steadfast Farms Bobwhite Quail meat is low in the LDL cholesterol and saturated fat that you find in mainstream protein. Most importantly, quail are some delicious eating!  They take a little longer to mature than their Coturnix Quail counterpart.  They become fully mature and grown at 16 weeks dressing out between 7-9 oz.  The hens start egg production by about 36 weeks of age.

As you can tell so far, our game bird farm is focused on bringing out all of the native instinctive "quailities" (pun intended) of these amazing birds.  These beautiful birds offer a wonderful sight flushing in the fields and woods, a unique relaxing bird call, and most importantly help to keep the tick population at bay.  Steadfast Farms Bobwhite Quail offer a natural chemical free way to help control the tick population on your property.  Although a Johnny House will help keep the birds from wandering off, with a continued release of these birds a few times a year, they will be sure to return to see the new-comers in the neighborhood. If you’ve been searching for “Bobwhite Quail for sale near me”, Steadfast farms provides some of the healthiest and most versatile birds you could ask for.

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