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Upgrade Your Quail Experience with Jumbo Brown Pharoah Coturnix Quail

Experience the difference with our Jumbo Brown Pharoah Coturnix Quail, a breed renowned for its robust size and exceptional qualities. Our quail are twice the size of standard varieties, offering a substantial yield of eggs and meat.


Easy to Raise, Delightful to Have

These low-energy birds possess a curious yet calm disposition, making them a delight to raise and care for. Whether you're a novice quail enthusiast or a seasoned professional, our quail are perfect companions for your journey. They make excellent pets and are gentle around both adults and children, adding joy and charm to any setting.


Our Coturnix Quail Care Guide is available on our Blog.


Exceptional Egg Production and Nutritional Value

Our Jumbo Brown Pharoah Coturnix Quail are prolific egg layers, providing jumbo-sized eggs on a daily basis. Starting to lay at just 5-6 weeks old, these quail consistently deliver an egg a day, similar to chickens. What sets their eggs apart is their exceptional nutritional value, boasting 3x more nutrients than chicken eggs while containing less fat and cholesterol.


Elevate your meals with these nutrient-rich delicacies.

You can Read about Quail Eggs on our Blog.

You can order kitchen-ready eggs on our sister site SPPS.

You can order Fertilized Hatching Eggs here.


Perfectly Sized for Your Needs

At maturity, our quail reach a substantial size of 14-16 oz, offering a generous amount of meat for your culinary creations. Their eggs weigh between 12-16 grams, ensuring a satisfying portion with each serving. When dressed, they yield between 8 - 14 oz of delicious, tender meat. Our Jumbo Brown Pharoah Coturnix Quail set the industry standard for size and quality, meeting the demands of discerning chefs and home cooks alike.


You can order kitchen-ready Quail on our sister site SPPS.


Meet Our Master Breeder, Jared

At Steadfast, we take pride in the expertise and dedication of our Master Breeder, Jared. His meticulous care and attention to detail ensure that our quail are of the highest quality.


Take Home a Flock and start your Covy of Jumbo Brown Pharoah Coturnix Quail Today.

Order now and discover the difference!


Jumbo Brown Pharoah Coturnix Quail

  • All orders are Pre-Orders and will be fulfilled on a “First In First Out” basis. We are hatching new Quail Every 18 days or so in 2024 with a goal of 50,000 Coturnix this year. Please place your order to get added to the fulfillment list.

    Fulfillment is 3-4 weeks on average right now. (Quail Enthusiast & Steadfast Nunnery Packages may take an additional week)

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