Northern Bobwhite Quail are a very versatile bird.  They can be used for season egg production, dog training, and meat production.  Steadfast Farms Bobwhite quail for sale are extremly great flyers, delicious eating, and hearty birds. 


They mature in 16 weeks and dress between 7-9 oz. They will have started laying eggs by 24 weeks and are prolific layers.


If you are training a puppy or working on steadiness, our Bobwhite Quail is the bird you want.  They flush hard and fast with very little pressure to ensure your young dog will never have the satisfaction of catching them.  These Northern Bobwhite Quail will fly from woodline to woodline so you don't have to worry about your dog's chase.  This is exactly why our Bobwhite Quail are Birds You Can Brag On!


We highly recommend placing a preorder for the Bobwhite Quail, as they consistently go out of stock.  Preordering will ensure you have birds when you need them, and helps us to better plan our season. 

Northern Bobwhite Quail

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