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Birds You Can Brag On

The Northern Bobwhite Quail is a remarkably versatile bird, serving various purposes from seasonal egg production to dog training and meat harvesting. At Steadfast Farms, our Bobwhite quail for sale are known for their exceptional flying abilities, delectable taste, and robust nature.


Matured in just 16 weeks, these quail typically dress between 7-9 oz. By 24 weeks, they commence egg-laying and prove to be prolific layers, ensuring a steady supply of fresh eggs.


Dog Training

For those training hunting dogs or striving to cultivate their dogs' hunting prowess, our Bobwhite Quail are the ideal choice. With their swift and evasive flight patterns, they provide the perfect challenge for young dogs without the risk of capture. Their ability to fly from woodline to woodline ensures an engaging chase without endangering your dog's safety. It's no wonder our Bobwhite Quail are celebrated as Birds You Can Brag On!


Upland Game Hunting

Our Northern Bobwhite Quail are highly esteemed among upland game hunters for their swift flight and evasive maneuvers, providing a challenging and rewarding hunting experience.Their ability to flush suddenly and unpredictably adds excitement and anticipation to the hunt, requiring hunters to react quickly and accurately.


Habitat Management

Bobwhite Quail are more than just a game bird – they're a cornerstone species for habitat management. By incorporating Bobwhite Quail into your land management practices, you can promote biodiversity, improve ecosystem health, and enhance the recreational value of your property.


Our Bobwhite Quail, known for their adaptability and resilience, thrive in well-managed habitats that provide suitable cover, nesting sites, and food sources. Whether you're restoring native grasslands, implementing conservation practices, or creating wildlife-friendly habitats, Bobwhite Quail play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and enhancing the natural beauty of your land.


Consider incorporating Bobwhite Quail into your land management plans. Not only will you be contributing to the preservation of a cherished species, but you'll also be creating a haven for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy for generations to come.

Northern Bobwhite Quail

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