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Upland Game Hunting

The Classy Sport Of Upland Bird Game Hunting.

Game bird hunting is a sport enjoyed by hunting enthusiasts. Some of the most popular birds hunted for food and sport include:

  • Grouse

  • Pheasant

  • Quail

  • Turkey

  • Ducks and Geese

For any type of hunting you need to purchase a hunting permit. Hunting without a permit is an illegal activity. Some hunters use game bird hunting to train their dogs to hunt and essentially be their hunting companions. Some dogs that excel at hunting include; golden and Labrador dogs, and spaniel dogs.

Game bird hunting is only allowed during certain seasons, and is also allowed both on public hunting properties and private properties. During game bird hunting season, there are legal hunting hours. Different states have different regulations with accordance to game bird hunting. In some states, it is illegal to hunt more than 3 birds in a single hunting trip. In some states hunting with your dog might not be legal.

Upland game hunting refers to a hunting sport of upland birds. Some upland birds include:


  • Pheasant

  • Grouse

  • Band tailed pigeons

  • Prairie chicken

  • Woodcock

It is a form of bird hunting where the hunter goes after the birds named above. Hunters generally tend to use guns and dogs to shoot and retrieve bird game respectively. Dogs do the most work by locating where the bird fell. Hunting groups usually consist of 2-4 people per group. Different upland birds have different seasons when they are at their highest population. Upland birds for food can be grilled, roasted or fried. They are tasty nonetheless.

Of course before you go on a hunting trip, ensure you are well equipped and your dog is also well equipped (booties for their paws). Ensure you have ear and eye protection as well as shooting accessories like the required ammunition for upland birds. Either way we hope you have a happy trip.

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