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Vets and Friends

Vets and Friends is a not-for-profit. free-of-charge upland hunting event sponsored by Steadfast Farms, LLC annually.  As Veterans, we understand the importance of camaraderie that takes place with a band of brothers.   

We founded Steadfast Farms, LLC from a passion for conservation, the outdoors, and working with our dogs.  For years we served our country, but after leaving the service, we needed a new mission to help with re-assimilation into the civilian workforce.  Combining our passion, our military goal-oriented work ethic, and the healing power of nature, we founded Steadfast Farms, LLC.  In the military our strength came from the camaraderie, knowing that your buddy to the left and right of you guaranteed mission accomplishment.


With this ideology Steadfast Farms, LLC created, Vets and Friends, our mission to bring that same camaraderie back home to our communities helping veterans, their friends, and families support re-assimilation back into the civilian workforce, and back into the passions we share in the woods and fields.


Steadfast Farms, LLC takes a portion of its profits from every bird sold in or to sponsor this annual event.  Each year we grow in participation and partnerships with other businesses to support this mission.

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