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Game Bird Farm

Productive Little Quail Populators

Bob white quails are small birds with stout bodies that have beautiful patterned feathers. If you have wondered about “bob white quail for sale near me”, then you are in the right place. Bob whites taste like chicken, and have serious breeding capabilities. They live in open areas like, brush forests, and on the ground. Their diet consists of, seeds, berries, small insects and flowers. They are particularly sought for because they can live with other birds. For that reason they are some farmers favorite. They also do really well on farms, as well as aviaries. In addition, bob whites are not hard to care for.

At steadfast farms, you can easily purchase bob whites. Their birds are certainly well taken care of (you definitely want birds that are well taken care of. They are certified breeders and have developed practices that raise some of the best birds in the country.

What is a game bird farm? It is a farm which specializes in raising birds. Not just any birds, but game bird species such as the grouse. A game bird is a bird that is hunted for sport or food. It is an expensive and labor exhaustive activity. If you are interested in starting a game bird farm, then you most definitely have your work cut out for you. The management of game farms in general is not an easy task.

However, the general care and breeding of game birds is manageable with certain stringent regulations put in place. For example, sanitation is important to ensure that birds don’t fall sick. Brooding areas must be at the right temperature to ensure chicks hatch. The procedures change when there are thousands of birds as compared to a few birds. The rules and regulatory procedures for thousands of birds will vary from the care of a couple of hundred birds.

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