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Birds You Can Brag On

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“These birds were fantastic! Flighty as can be and good size, will be back soon”                                                                                - Michael James

quail, steadfast, farms, game bird

“These guys are very knowledgeable about local upland hunting in CT, dog training tips, and they raise excellent birds.  Their Chukars are exceptional fliers, can’t get enough of them!!"

                                    – David Lubensky

“Great guys with great birds! They get back to you in a timely manner and birds are well kept!”                                            – Steven Rida

“Had a great time today with the guys of steadfast farms. Birds are a good size and great fliers.”                                                    – Brian Mica

“I ain’t never seen birds fly like that! You’s guys got some freaking good birds let me tell you!"                                                    – Dave

“The quail this year are excellent flyers and great for training dogs with intense drive.  Last year my dog ate e birds in 3 minutes... this year they flushed and flew a good distance. 2 went up into trees.  No way my dogs are catching these quail!                                                                         – Jim Prado

pheasant, steadfast, farms, game bird

“Great guys, and the birds were fantastic good looking birds ansd awesome fliers.  Which made for a great day with the dog and friends couldn't ask for a better day all around"                                                                         – Tim Shuster

“Complete beginner here, these guys went over the top explaining everything and pointing me in the right direction of resources to help me along.  They were kind and professional I cannot wait to buy birds from them once my dog is ready!"                                               – Octayvia Rickard

chukar, steadfast, farms, game birds

“Great shoot today (Vets and Friends) with some strong flying birds.  Wish I could post a picture here with all we got and the smiling faces at the end of the day.  Keep it up Steadfast Farms!!"                                                  – Dave Pabis

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