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Birds You Can Brag On

Experience the unmatched appeal of our Ringneck Pheasants, the Quintessence of upland game bird breeds. With their vibrant plumage, strong flying ability, and versatile nature, these birds are prized for both stocking and hunting purposes. Our commitment to nurturing their natural instincts in spacious and naturalistic environments, our outdoor flight pen, results in Pheasants that soar with grace and agility, embodying the pinnacle of avian prowess.


At maturity, Ringneck Pheasant cocks weigh between 2.7-3 lbs., while hens weigh 1.7-2.2 lbs., making them an ideal choice for both sport and culinary pursuits. Their hardy constitution and adaptability to the wild ensure success in various habitats, while their brilliant colors add to the thrill of the hunt.


Join the ranks of sportsmen who value the exhilarating pursuit of the Ringneck Pheasant.

Seasonal enjoy them kitchen ready at our sister site SPPS.

Ring Neck Pheasant

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  • Currently, Steadfast Farms is taking Pre-orders for the 2024-2025 Season. 

    Place your pre-order to ensure availability and secure the lowest price of the season all season long.

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